Regular 44cm / 19cm / 4.5kg

The biggest model with rich and colourful sound. This model is the loudest among the others.

10 - 16 notes.

Price: 530€

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Medium 39cm / 15cm / 3.5kg

This medium model was originally developed for children for being comfortable for them for playing.

10 - 12 notes.

Price: 499€

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Mini 34cm / 12cm / 2.5kg

Lightweight and compact model. Perfect for travellers. Powerful sound in a minimum size.

9 notes.

Price: 470€

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* The price is shown for the model with the minimum possible number of notes. The cost of each additional note is 15€. For custom scales and layouts price can vary based on its complexity.

** We usually tune to 440Hz, but 432Hz is also possible on demand.



In addition to Oriondrum we offer comfortable and durable soft bag.

  • Waterproof thick material
  • Good quality protected zippers and accessories
  • Additional protection for the edge of the instrument
  • Different colors available

Price: 65€

Bag with a picture

Bags available in several designs

  • Waterproof material
  • Good quality protected zippers and accessories
  • 4cm protection for each side
  • Different pictures available

Price: 80€


Light wooden stand for your pan. Stand is designed for all model sizes.

  • Light, foldable, does not require much space
  • Suitable for storing the instument at home
  • Perfectly fits in any interior
  • Sizes (disassembled): 26×7×4 cm

Price: 40€

Rope decoration

Protective and decorative rope for the edge of the instrument.

  • Top quality materials
  • Different weaving options available
  • More than 20 colors
  • Any sizes

Price: 30€

Built-in pickups

As an option, built in pickups and digital output can be added to Oriondrum. We use three piezo pickups to achieve balanced sound output.

You can connect the instument to an audio mixer, amplifier, combo - it can be useful for those how like to play with instruments of greater volume (for example didgeridoo, electric guitar, djembe etc.). Also it makes possible to make recordings (without an additional microphone) via soundcard.

And if you play with processors / effect pedals, Oriondrum acquires a completely new sound.

To order this feature please check the corresponding option when choosing the scale.

Price: 36€