Dear friends!

We are glad to announce a new cooperation with our friend Pasha Aeon and present a special offer from us.

Two instruments for 1,059€:

  • Chill Radar handpan (D celtic scale, 9 notes)
  • Orion drum medium (D celtic scale, 10 notes)

Please contact us for details and if you have any questions.

What is Chill Radar handpan?

This is a handpan manufactured by our friend Pasha Aeon. Pasha is a multi-instrumentalist musician, one of the famous handpan and tonguepan performers.

Since 2019, he has been manufacturing handpans of his own brand in St. Petersburg.

Despite the relatively young manufacture, Chill Radar handpan has such advantages as a good quality (made of high-quality nitrided steel) and a friendly price among other manufacturers.