Orion Pan


We are happy to announce Orion Pan

We dreamed of creating handpans for a long time, and finally this dream began to come true.

Orion Pan appeared thanks to the collaboration and mentoring of our friend Pasha Aeon. Walked through his own way from prototypes to full-fledged instruments with us under one roof, Pasha shared invaluable skills and experience, making a huge contribution to the development of Orion Pan.


Price:900 €
Notes number:8 + 1
Material:Nitrided steel


Each Orion Pan is made by hand, with hundreds of hammer blows, and goes through a multistage heat treatment. Creating it, we also took into account all our previous many years experience of working with metal.

The musical instrument is made of high quality nitrided steel, which is a very important and practically necessary treatment for rust protection.

Orion Pan is distinguished by decent quality due to mentoring from Pasha Aeon, as well as by an affordable price among the other manufacturers on the market.

Click order orion pan button below to send us a message. We will suggest the list of possible scales and gladly answer any questions regarding manufacturing process, delivery, etc.


We give a discount when ordering Orion Pan with accessories!

Bag for Orion Pan

In addition to Orion Pan we offer comfortable and durable soft bag.

  • Waterproof thick material
  • Good quality protected zippers and accessories
  • Additional protection for the edge of the instrument

Price: 75€

Rope decoration for Orion Pan

Protective and decorative rope for the edge of the instrument.

  • Top quality materials
  • Different weaving options available
  • More than 10 colors

Price: 30€